Responding To Rauch/Blankenhorn

Pretty sad, really. After Perkins and Steele, we get Glenn Stanton (nuh-huh) and Maggie Gallagher argues that

a federal civil-unions law would surely be used the same way in federal court: to endanger DOMA and state marriage laws.

So Jon and David get the same kind of response that Obama has gotten in trying to find common ground. Some liberals take this as a reason not to debate at all. I think the right is more intransigent, because they care less about gay couples than gay couples care about religious liberty. That's the problem: the core level of rejection of gay couples, almost entirely fueled by fundamentalist intransigence. And so, again, the GOP takes one position; and Democrats and Independents drift together on another. Given that, the right's refusal to compromise is a form of long-term suicide.