Dissent Of The Day

A reader writes:

Yes, the tax code is absurdly complicated, but not in the areas the Three Musketeers were screwing around with and not for three people with their extensive financial backgrounds.

Any idiot (particularly ones who have served on the Senate Finance Committee and have operated in he big-time consulting circles) knows being provided car is a taxable benefit and if you have household help, you have to pay taxes on them. And while Geithner's faux paus is a bit more obtuse, the fact that he signed a document understanding his tax obligations and was periodically reminded of them by his employer put the dunce cap squarely back on his head.

Could it be any more embarrassing that three of Obama's appointees have had these issues and two of them have had to withdraw?  If these were Republicans, those of us on the liberal side would be screaming bloody murder.

It's even more problematic given Obama's vaulted vetting process and his major ethics executive order on day one.  The nominees should be ashamed of anything they didn't reveal on the extensive vetting questionnaire and the Obama folks should be ashamed if they knew all of what has been revealed and thought they would get a pass from the American people.

And while Palin deserves no pass for what she did with the per diem, she also wasn't getting $5 million peddling her influence around, though no doubt she will do that one day as well.