Constitutional Inerrancy

Damon Linker keeps exposing the radicalism of theoconservatism:

...the theocons seek to turn a normal partisan political dispute into a theological conflict about the nature of the American liberal regime itself. In the eyes of the theocons, the American Constitution and the principles upon which it is based derive from Catholic-Christian sources -- and our failure to acknowledge these sources is likely to lead to national disaster. America must be recognized as a Christian nation, and not merely in the sense that a large majority of citizens identify themselves as one kind of Christian or another. America must be recognized as a Christian nation in the sense that its form of government -- its regime, liberalism in the first sense -- is essentially, ineradicably Christian. (Our failure to do so is what led theocon Richard John Neuhaus on numerous occasions to liken our historical moment to the years just preceding the American Civil War, when the nation's citizens killed each other en masse for what was, at bottom, a dispute about the metaphysical status of black slaves.)

And this is also how Benedict sees the EU. Noah Millman, meanwhile, has some worthwhile thoughts on Linker's attempt to diffuse the culture war by overturning Roe.