A Pakistan Connection?

The US's heavy hand against disclosure of evidence that might prove that Binyam Mohamed, a British resident Gitmo prisoner, was tortured under US and perhaps British supervision is stirring up a huge row in Britain. And the explanations for the secrecy get curiouser and curiouser:

Perhaps it is not its own actions that the US is seeking to protect but those of other nation’s intelligence agencies, particularly the Pakistanis. To put it mildly, the US is not very popular in Pakistan. If the information at issue in this case revealed Pakistani intelligence essentially doing the bidding of the US government, it could cause real political problems for an already weak Pakistani government. It may even lead to the same kind of cessation of intelligence sharing between Pakistani and American intelligence agencies as the US has threatened with Britain.

There seems little question that Mohamed was up to no good and a potential threat to Britain and the US. But - once again - the abuse and torture of him has made prosecution impossible. And there's also no clear way to establish if the fantastic charges once aired against him are true or not.