A Child Abuser's Other Life

Father Marcial Maciel, a longtime subject of Dish inquiry, was even more corrupt than previously thought. The Catholic macher, confidant of John Paul II, protected by Benedict XVI for many years, and abuser of generations of vulnerable youths and boys in his care, also had a secret relationship with a woman and children! A blog broke the story. Jim Martin notes that Maciel's abuse of boys and his heterosexual relationship with a woman helps elucidate the real problem within the priesthood. The problem is not adjusted homosexuals with vocations. The problem is the distorted and contorted sexuality that celibacy and total power can create in many clerical psyches. Until the Church hierarchy tackles that, until it is able to understand sexuality more than it fears it, it will not be able to bring new and healthy life into the church. The laity have already figured a lot of this out, guys. Let us know when you're interested in talking.