"Reviewing" The Evidence

Michael C. Moynihan comments on the latest Williamson developments:

Bishop Richard Williamson, the Holocaust-denying Catholic crackpot whose excommunication was recently reversed by the Vatican, tells Der Spiegel that he has ordered a book by former French "revisionist" Jean-Claude Pressac, who later recanted his gas chamber denials, and will "review the historical evidence once again."

It is amusing to think of a nutter like Williamson "reviewing" historical data on the Holocaust, a subject that has been covered in great depth by historians like Christopher Browning, Saul Friedlander, Raul Hilberg, and Hans Mommsen, all of whom are slightly more qualified to render judgement on the subject.

David Harris chimes in:

...anyone opting to believe the scientific quackery of Fred Leuchter, who sought to prove that mass gassings were impossible but was dismissed by historians and legal experts as the kook that he was, can't be totally honest. Nor can someone who refuses to visit Auschwitz, while trumpeting his denial of what took place there.