Will Tory Do?

A reader writes:

I don't think you can be "a Tory" because it just doesn't exist in the American tradition. Since it is American political culture, which, you're principally engaged in I think defining yourself with a foreign meme diminishes your potential impact. Also just because the Tories are adopting more moderate social positions in England, up in Canada they're not the socially progressive responsible conservatives that the Tories in England have become and that you identify with.

Further! Don't give up on the word conservative. It's true that it has been perverted by Christianists and the militarists on the radical wing of the Republican party but that's why it's so important that you don't give up on it. Re-define them not yourself! Words are important and Conservative is NOT a dirty word. If someone as dedicated to pushing back against the germanization of the english language (enhanced interrogation techniques + homeland security being not coincidentally the most high-profile examples) and as high profile as yourself gives up then we're lost.