Who Will Replace Kristol?

Patrick Ruffini wants Rush:

Either we engage the liberal media on our terms or on none at all. The Times needs someone who is as far to the right, in as hard-edged and partisan a way, as Paul Krugman is to the left. The fact that strident left-wing voices one step voice up from Kos appear on the op-ed page is not considered a problem, so why shouldn't the same be true on the right?

How sad that someone as smart as Ruffini has been turned into talk-radio-roadkill. Suderman counters:

...[what] should the NYT be looking for? Not someone who’ll shock or attack, but someone who will authoritatively challenge, through evidence and artful persuasion, the sensibilities of those elites not a provocateur, but someone who can speak to the NYT’s readership in a way they’re likely to respond well to: a missionary, not a warrior.

The other truth: it sure doesn't matter as much as it used to.