Two Comedy Recommendations

We're a Netflix-and-beagles marriage so it occasionally behooves me to point out those few occasions when contemporary movie comedy rises above the usual Sandler dreck. I don't know why the critics were luke-warm toward Burn After Reading. Dish readers will love it. But, seriously, I don't know why my stoner readers did not let me know about Pineapple Express before now. Jesus, guys, seriously.

There are very few movies that I have laughed almost continuously through to the point of incapacity. The first Austen Powers, Team America, Borat, Harold and Kumar II, South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut, and now Pineapple Express. Plus: Seth Rogen and James Franco are my finalists for Sexiest Man Alive. Never hurts in a movie, does it? Rent it. It's gnar-gnar.