To Put It Mildly

I have to say the online discussions of whether the "conservative" movement has the right institutions, think-tanks or online skills to compete with Obamania seems misplaced to me. You can have the best set of think-tanks in the world and still be useless in the face of a Republican administration determined to combine the worst foreign policy utopianism of the left with the worst social draconianism of the right. No conservative institution could or should have backed the Bush administration. In doing so for so long, they eviscerated their brand and destroyed their intellectual coherence. They richly deserve the wilderness they face.

Same goes for online journalism. However good your marketing or messaging, a pile of doo-doo is still a pile of doo-doo. Or as Julian helpfully summarizes,

Conservatism has much bigger problems right now than a paucity of Twitter skills.