They're Coming To Get You!

Dreher responds to my defense of 8 maps:

Here's the thing: how would you feel if your wife or your kids were at home alone when some outraged creep from the Queer Avengers or somesuch organization showed up pounding on the door demanding to talk to somebody about your Prop 8 donation? Eightmaps makes that a lot more likely. In Texas, thank goodness, we have a castle law, which gives homeowners the right to shoot anybody who invades their property. It's a good law, and though I certainly hope never to have to invoke it, after last summer's experience I wouldn't hesitate to make use of the liberty it grants me to protect my family and my property. Activists who wish to use Eightmaps or any of its successors to harrass Texans, gay or straight, conservative or liberal, in their houses risk getting their asses shot off.

Rod needs some help. This stuff is just deranged sexual panic - mixed up with fantasies of anti-gay violence.