The Right And Hillary

Daniel McCarthy notices that the chumminess from the period when she might have prevented the first black president has not dissipated:

[Clinton is] a monster of the conservative movement’s creation. Throughout the ’90s, the movement’s mouthpieces put about the idea that Hillary was the power behind the throne she was, after all, less popular and further to the Left than her husband. This backfired spectacularly: after all, if Hillary could be co-president, doesn’t that make her eminently qualified for the senate, to be president again, or to be the nation’s top diplomat?

And having done at least as much as her feminist fans on the Left to build up the myth of omnicompetent Hillary, what is the Right doing now? Lying down for her: “even firebrand South Carolina Republican Jim DeMint,” Time’s Massimo Calabresi writes, “said he was ‘optimistic and hopeful about [Sen. Clinton's] role as secretary of State.’” If there is a Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy, it’s evidently the best friend Hillary Clinton could hope to have.

Until, of course, they discover her real views about the Middle East.