A reader writes:

When my wife and I heard about that now fabled dinner on NPR this morning, she reacted at once: What a wonderful idea!

She is a lifelong Dem of the liberal persuasion, working class born and bred, Chicago resident for years, a lover of the rough and tumble, a radical feminist, a pacifist, a believer that both Bush and Cheney, along with Rumsfeld, Wu, Gonzales [et al] should be in the Hague for war crimes.  She came late from the Hillary Clinton campaign, and still hasn't quite forgiven Obama. She is also a pragmatist, and her response was spontaneous and not changed with a chance to think it over.  Indeed, what she said next was affirmative: he's a brilliant politician, and I hope we all learn from him.

In other words, liberals are liberal, open, willing to consider change.  Why are you guys on the right so surprised?

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