The Best Of The Blogs

Thanks so much for the votes. Best Blog is a real honor - and, heading into the ninth year of daily blogging, a mark of survival in a way. But the great advantage of the poll is to be reminded how many great blogs there are out there that you haven't yet heard of. Here's the winner of the Best Blog Design: Our World 2.0, for example. Neil Gaiman won the best lit blog. I'd never heard of the Strobist photo blog before now. If you don't know of Ars Technica, and are interested in technology updates, you should check it out. In the Best New Blog department, I found Shafeen Charania. I'd never heard of him and can't really place him easily in the political universe - but was drawn in immediately. This, I thought to myself, is the spirit of the blogosphere I remember from its earliest days (and I was there). Props to those we already know and appreciate: Nate Silver and Andy Towle are longtime Dish faves (and from Andy, I found this tennis-porn blog). And then we have the quintessential blogger photograph - jammies and all: