Quote For The Day

"A message to Rick Warren? Let's sit down. I think what would happen, which might frighten him, is that we have so much more in common than that which separates us. I would want to tell him about my relationship with my partner, about how just as in marriage--and by the way I was married so I'm in a position to compare these two - the church believes in marriage because it believes that kind of love between two people, that selfless, self-giving love, is a place where God can show up. And I would like to tell him where God has shown up in my relationship with my partner. Scripture says, "by your fruits you will know them" and the fruits of the spirit are appearing in gay and lesbian relationships, then couldn't he acknowledge those fruits of the spirit and begin to rejoice with us over those relationships," - Bishop Eugene Robinson, who might want to rethink the whole "fruits" metaphor.

I've put out some feelers to ask Rick Warren to have a public dialogue/debate with me about homosexuality and Christianity. No word back as yet.