Now Certified

The Dish enters its ninth consecutive year as Best Blog in the Weblog Awards 2008. A record 900,000 votes were cast in all the categories, with the Dish getting 25,000 votes. You did it. I sure didn't. And since you contribute such an enormous amount to the blog, in terms of feedback, emails, and links, it's your award too. Congrats to all the other winners too - from Totten and Yon to Silver and Wonkette and all the others. It's a very impressive roster.

A deep reserve of thanks to the Atlantic, especially James Bennet and David Bradley, who tolerate my enthusiasms with more equanimity than I deserve, to Jessie Roberts who helped evolve the Dish in 2007, to Patrick Appel who keeps the link cupboard fully stocked and gives me the sane and sober pushback I need, to the interns of the past two years, and, casting my mind back to the very beginning, to my old friend Robert Cameron, who created this blog many many years ago and nursed it in the five years of total independence so that it could become what it now is. We don't rest on laurels here, so it's time to go back to work. But once more with feeling: