In It To Win It

Ross has a sharp post on Obama and the culture wars:

...what makes Obama promising to liberals isn't his potential to "end" culture-war battles - it's his potential ability to win them, by dressing up the policies that Planned Parenthood or the Human Rights Campaign or the ACLU or whomever would like to see in the kind of religiose language and fuzzy talk about consensus that swing voters like to hear. So waiting a day to reverse the ban on overseas funding for groups that provide abortions, for instance, isn't a compromise in the culture wars, or an act of moderation - it's a way of making a victory for the left seem like an act of moderation to people who aren't that invested in the issue.

Which is a roundabout way of saying that Ross is still at war. And if he wants to end all legal abortion and keep gay couples out of the zone of family, he should be. But the middle is not where Ross is.