Goodbye To Boomers


Hello ... Jonesers? I'm a little hesitant to encourage political consultants but ... here goes:

Jonathan Pontell has gained some fame coining a new category: Generation Jones, as in the slang word ‘jonesing,' or craving, and as in a generation that's lost in the shuffle.

Jonesers are idealistic, Pontell says, but not ideological as boomers are. "Boomers were flower children out changing the world. We Jonesers were wide-eyed, not tie-dyed."

And Obama, he says, is "a walking, living prime example of Generation Jones. He's a classic practical idealist. It's not the naive idealism of the '60s."

Jonesers: Goolsbee, Geithner, Rice, Emmanuel, Duncan ... Marshall, Foer, Weisberg, Waldman, and the journalistic-political Joneser two-some: Michael Bennet (Colorado senator) and James Bennet (Atlantic captain). I've almost got a Style Section front emerging here ... so a fast and earnest retreat.

The key point is: Boomer Power is Over! Long live the Post-Boomers!