Fact-Checking Kristol Again

He's bragging on Fox. Two things: I'm not sure that Gerry Seib or I would think of ourselves as "liberal columnists." Gerry is a center-right columnist for the Wall Street Journal and ... well, let's just say that I would not have written "The Conservative Soul" if I thought of myself as a liberal (if a very different kind of conservative than the statist, interventionist, big-spending, torture-backing Christianism Kristol favors). Secondly:

They got some coffee in some styrofoam cups.

Actually, we didn't actually get that. There was some water in a glass jug in the corner. I know Kristol is a fact-free zone, as the New York Times has discovered to its chagrin. But he could make his status-obsessed, narcissistic comments without making shit up.