Dissent Of The Day

A reader writes:

I can only conclude that the practical intent of this map is to publicly shame and intimidate those who supported the amendment.

If my 26 employees, some of which are in civil unions (which were marriages), saw my name on this, how would they feel?  What would they think of me? How would this impact our relationship?  The really crappy thing is that I may not even know that I was listed or they looked.  It would just begin one day with glares, stares, and tension.  It would begin to create a hostile environment.  Perhaps some folks may quit working for or with me.  Perhaps someone may say something or perhaps not.  What if I just opposed SSM but, in every other way, was progressive and supportive of gay rights in my public and personal life.  Viewers of this map won't know that.  All they know is that I gave $50.00 bucks and if I was foolish enough to list my business then all the better to make me a target.  There is no call for conversation, dialogue, discussion, debate.  Just an implied threat: support stuff like this and have your name posted in the town square for all to see.

This is all about publicly shaming, through the posting of names, folks who supported objectionable public policy.

Cry me a river. You can only shame people if they feel ashamed. And, frankly, if you have chosen to strip civil rights from some of your employees, why should you be able to protect yourself from the consequences? Your employees weren't protected from the consequences of your decision. You helped force them into legal divorce - and you're the victim here?