Benedict And The Jewish People

Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, who has tried to forge closer relations between Jews and Catholics:

    With the re-introduction of the Latin Mass last year calling for the conversion of Jews, senior Vatican official Cardinal Renato Martino of the Peace & Justice Commission sharply criticizing Israel's actions and likening the Gaza Strip to a concentration camp, and now the Pope admitting a Holocaust denier into the hierarchy of the Catholic Church should concern Jews worldwide ... How will he walk into Yad Vashem and plant a wreath for the six million, when he just reinstated a bishop who denies that very historical fact within the greater truth of the Shoah? It is time for the Vatican to examine its conscience.

What the nit-pickers defending the move forget is that anti-Semitism is deeply embedded in the SSPX tradition. So while discussion of women priests and homosexual dignity is verboten in Benedict's church, the inclusion of anti-Semites, bigots and reactionaries is vital. No openly gay people may approach the throne, but Holocaust-deniers are welcome. Amy Welborn has an excellent round-up of the details; Damian Thompson is always worth reading.