An Old Canard

Conor fisks Mona Charen:

...this weird notion that if you favor gay marriage you simply must favor incest too does the anti-gay marriage lobby really want to argue that the only problem with incest is that it isn’t traditional marriage? Or that changing marriage in any way is indistinguishable from changing it in the most unpopular ways? Would the anti-gay marriage lobby rather that two 40 year old men marry one another, or that a forty year old man marries his 8 year old daughter? Does the latter seem problematic in any ways that the former isn’t?

Here’s a prediction: once gay marriage is firmly established law, and enshrined in our legal principles, the very same people now arguing that there is no principled or logical argument for gay marriage and against incest or polygamy will somehow discover arguments of that very kind, and make them publicly.