"That's My Fiance, Chuck," Ctd.

Dan Savage reacts to this video:

I don't remember ever hearing a straight guy introduce his fiance on a game show without the audience responding with an "awww" and an ain't-love-grand round of applause. Don't get me wrong: this was an exceedingly sweet moment, props to these guys for being out and engaged, and the kind of people who watch game showsmiddle Americans, older Americansare exactly the kind of people who need to be exposed to non-threatening gay couples in ugly sweaters. But the audience's silence is just as revealing, I think, as this Wheel of Fortune contestant's casual introduction of his fiance. We are outer than ever, more open than ever, and more integrated into the mainstream of American life than ever. But the mainstreamthat studio audiencedoesn't quite know how to respond to us yet.