Whose Country? Ctd

A reader writes:

As a southern white man, I was particularly pleased with your description of how "black" our country is.  This is a nuanced perspective that few of us seem to see or realize. 

I came to the same conclusion ten years ago, spending six months traveling extensively throughout southern Africa. The most salient feeling I encountered was a sense of "coming home."  As "white" as I am, I was completely surprised by this. When I explored the thought further, I realized the profound influence black culture had on me. The smiles, warmth, easy laughter, tasty food, and potent spirituality were all recognizable qualities I saw in the Africans I met and reminded me of so many of my African American friends.  But more than that, I saw these qualities within myself. 

Unknowingly, I had accumulated them and they had become an inextricable part of who I am. And for that, I was and still am profoundly grateful.