They Are Family

Greenwald skewers DC's cozy nepotism:

Virtually the entire neoconservative "intelligentsia" (using that term as loosely as it can possibly be used) is one big paean to nepotistic succession -- the Kristols, the Kagans, the Podhoretzes, Lucinanne Goldberg and her boy.  Upon Tim Russert's death, NBC News excitedly hired his son, Luke.  Mike Wallace's son hosts Fox's Sunday show.  The most influential political opinion space in the country, The New York Times Op-Ed page, is, like the Times itself, teeming with family successions and connections.  Inter-marriages between and among media stars and political figures -- and lobbyists, operatives and powerful political officials -- are now more common than arranged royal marriages were among 16th Century European monarchs.

From a distance, it's more obviously corrupt than up close. I mean: what are the odds that of all the people who could edit Commentary, the son of the former editor ends up in charge? It's not entirely a function of the right, of course. The Kennedys were as bad. Biden's son toyed with succeeding him. And I see that Bill Clinton wants a role in the new administration. If it weren't for Obama, we'd be the Philippines.