The Broader Perspective

by Chris Bodenner
In contrast to the Dee Dee Myers tirade against Obama's young scribe, the women at Broadsheet were eminently more reasonable:

Sarah Hepola:

I found it hard to drum up outrage. Maybe because I'm so inured to frat-boy shenanigans that this seems utterly tame; maybe it's because there is a frighteningly similar picture of me groping Dr. Spock at a college party.

Amy Benfer:

I think Hillary's spokesperson's response was classy, funny and exactly right.

Jeanne Carstensen:

It was hard for me to get too outraged over this sort of party pranking. The stupidity speaks for itself. Yet the dude with his hand cupping Hillary's cardboard breast is Obama's senior speechwriter. Obama is facing the worse national crisis in over a generation, and this guy is crafting his speeches? Talk about cognitive dissonance.

Kate Harding:

It's not like I don't have any pictures of myself or my friends drunkenly doing lewd things to inanimate objects, but the fact that it was Obama's senior speechwriter doing it to a Hillary effigy, after she suffered so much sexism while running against him -- there's just a little too much symbolism for comfort there.

Katharine Mieszkowski:

Try to imagine a photo of a top female speechwriter for the female president-elect grabbing the crotch of a cardboard cutout of the male politician whom her boss had vanquished in the primary. The cable news talking heads would be fulminating about castration for a week!