Cheney Keeps Speaking

And the lies keep coming:

The efficacy of torture is not a close question anywhere outside of Fox television anymore. Darius Rejali has definitively studied the question and showed that torture does not elicit truthful confessions. In his book How To Break a Terrorist, former interrogator Matthew Alexander agrees that abusive interrogation techniques don't work and endanger Americans. FBI Director Robert Mueller recently told Vanity Fair's David Rose that he doesn't "believe it to be the case" that enhanced interrogation stopped any attacks on America. And the stunning bipartisan report issued earlier this month by the Senate armed services committee confirms that lawyers in every branch of the military consistently warned top Bush officials that torture wasn't effective. The handful of peopleincluding Dick Cheneywho are still blathering about how well torture works do so in the face of a mountain of evidence to the contrary.

Then this astonishing denial of fact:

Some of his finest overstatements of this past week include the assertion that those prisoners still left at Guantanamo Bay represent "the hard-core." Oh good grief. Even the CIA stopped believing that hooey six years ago.

Anyone who believes that Gitmo actually isolated "the worst of the worst" and that those who remain are a) all guilty or b) the "hard-core" would not be allowed to pass a basic news quiz. Yet this man was de facto president for eight years.

The hardcore torture advocates like Cheney were always alone among those who had any actual idea of how the world works. What Cheney lacked in a grip on reality he sadly made up with such bravura certainty and bureaucratic shamelessness that an entire administration went along for eight long years.

Prosecute him.