Barack The Hawk

Yglesias worries:

What is unclear at this point is whether Clinton joining the Obama team means that Clinton has gained faith in Obama’s approach, or that Obama has lost faith in his own. The very fact of Obama’s election would seem to tilt things in his direction: there was a consistent trajectory to their disagreements, and Obama was on the right side – a judgment vindicated by his victories over both Clinton and McCain. It’s not merely that he won, but that winning demonstrates his supposedly “risky” positions were not so risky after all.

In the end, I'd say, there was never much daylight between Obama and Clinton on foreign policy. Obama will be more "compassionate" than Bush, and will withdraw from Iraq. He has also committed himself to an unequivocal return to the pre-torture era. But allied to all these is a marshalling of all aspects of American strength. The man is a disciple of Niebuhr, not Chomsky. The war on Islamist terror continues - as it must.