Will Blogs Kill Political Magazines?, Ctd.

Joyner responds to my post:

The main advantage magazines have over blogs, it seems to me, is institutional gravitas.  Television and radio bookers, publishing houses, opinion columnists, mainstream journalists, and other influence leaders are far, far more likely to turn to someone with the imprimatur of an institution that to a self-published blogger....Ultimately, it’s television that matters if you’re trying to get the word out.  Bill Kristol, George Will, Bob Novak, and others have had much more impact with their on air commentary than for their written work.  Indeed, most viewers are only casually aware that these people have columns at all.

But the gravitas is an anachronistic chimera, and will soon fade. The problem here are lazy bookers on TV. Eventually, they'll wake up and find people who are more than Potemkin pundits on the speaking circuit.