Why Palin Still Matters, Ctd

A reader writes:

Your reader wrote:

"What is missing is the step of coming to judgement . . ."

That's the key phrase for me and it's why I continue to find Gingrich a fascinating character.  He has begun to make noises about Conservatives addressing how the Republican Party has contributed to the past eight years of failure.  My very conservative family taught me that at the conclusion of any endeavor a reckoning would be imposed.  It is the fear of nasty and brutal consequences that has made me a fiscal conservative and a successful business woman.

We simply cannot continue to exist, as Conservatives, if the movement fails to render a honest appraisal of itself; its behavior during the last couple of decades, and how those failures are perceived by the public.

Palin certainly plays a part at the culmination of the last election and her appearance on the scene must measured and put in perspective with the collapse of the financial markets and national debt burden.  In what way is Palin emblematic of the ills that befall us all?  Answer that question and we will be a long way toward defining what Conservatives need to do next.

Yes, Palin is that important.