The Palin Split

Rich "Starbursts" Lowry does a McCain post-mortem:

The split over Palin, of course, poisoned everything at the end. One of the dividing lines was between her communications team and the policy advisers. The communications team seemed to consider her a dolt, while the policy peoplelike Steve Biegun and Randy Scheunemannwere impressed with her and her potential. As one McCain aide told me, "It's the difference between considering her someone who lacks knowledge and someone who is incompetent, and they [the communications aides] treated her as the latter."

But this is to my mind the most revealing quote from a Palin defender:

"Look, she wasn't ready for this, obviously."

If she wasn't ready for this, how was she supposed to be ready to be president? And if she wasn't ready to be president, why did you pick her?

The focus in all this - apart from getting closure on some factual questions - should be on discovering who vetted, or didn't vet Palin. This was massive political malpractice - and it's McCain's, Davis's and Schmidt's responsibility. Thank God these incompetents and risk-takers will not run the country.