The Day The Music Died For The Human Rights Campaign

Like so many other models of political organization, like the top-down Clinton campaign, the special interest group politics of an institution like the Human Rights Campaign is finished. They are no longer even faintly relevant to the struggle for gay equality. Markos Moulitsas:

The Human Rights Campaign ... is being rendered irrelevant by current events, and with irrelevance, it will shrivel up and die on its own. ... The anti-Prop 8 campaign was an exercise in frustration. What we're seeing now ... is brilliant. ... These nationwide protests are a watershed moment of sorts -- the moment when the gay community realized that it had the power to fight for change on its own, and didn't require any of its so-called, self-appointed 'leaders' to give them permission to engage.

I've been dreaming of the death of this useless, fearful, money-vacuum ever since I saw the potential for marriage equality and they wouldn't. Rex Wockner:

You don't have to listen to the gay "leaders" who failed you anymore, you don't have to give them any more money, you just have to figure out what you want to do next with the power that now is yours -- to get what you want: Full equality.