The Crumbling Of Christianism?

People of faith should be proudly part of public life. I am. But equally, they need to recognize a distinction between religion and politics as well as church and state. Some are recognizing this. Mark DeMoss:

I'd like to see evangelicals look for competent, qualified candidates who share our values, whether or not they share our faith or theology. I believe it's wrong to oppose a candidate because of his faith (Mitt Romney), and equally wrong to support a candidate primarily based on common faith (Mike Huckabee, Sarah Palin).

Along the campaign trail I met so many people, including pastors and religious leaders, who could tell me only that their choice for president was a "good Christian," or "one of us." This, in my view, is a dangerously inadequate approach to choosing our highest leaders. We don't choose people for any other positions using this test; why would we apply it to one of the most important positions on the planet?