Shills On A Boat

When NRO's fearless leader declares that his magazine was not a shill for Bush, he might want to inform some of his columnists on the cruise ship:

I think almost everyone sensed there is something liberating about being in a position of opposition; you no longer have to hold your tongue or take it easy on a figure like Bush, McCain, or congressional leaders because they’re “your guys.” On every bill, issue, and event that comes down the pike, you can call them as you see them. Third, echoing the earlier point a bit, conservatives have been spared the inevitable pain of living with the bad decisions of a President McCain. No more holding of the nose, no more looking the other way, no more   averting one’s eyes from the embarrassing out of party or ideological loyalty.

My italics. So National Review spent the last eight years holding their tongue, taking it easy on Bush, averting their eyes from failures, and deliberately backing power over truth. And they wonder why American conservatism has collapsed. How could it survive the rank dishonesty of Lowry and Kristol and Goldberg? By the way, if you missed the cruise, you missed this:

Where else can you watch Jonah doing his impression of Sarah Palin as a naughty librarian?

Almost worth the trip, no?