Saving The GOP

Megan responds to Ross:

Obama is almost certain to disappoint in big ways; he doesn't have the money to pull an FDR, or even an LBJ.  He will have to fulfill their committments before he can look to his own, and the tax situation is looking pretty dire.  Obama may turn out to be the president of tax increases and spending cuts, which didn't work out so good for the first George Bush.

But for me, I think one thing is clear:  the Republican party cannot survive without some time in the wilderness. 

Look at this election: what do Republicans have to say, except "I'll cut your taxes and pay for it by cutting spending on some entirely fictional person who lives nowhere near you?"  and "Pointy headed liberals with fancy degrees are looking down on you!  Are you going to stand that?"  That's not a platform.  It's barely worthy of a drunken 3 am rant.

I don't like most of Obama's ideas, but at least he has some.  If conservatives really want smaller government and so forth, they need to step up their game.