Palin And The Jerks

Palin tells us there is no truth whatever in the massive clothing expenditure stories, and no truth in the stories being leaked by the McCain people about her temper tantrums, no truth to the RNC inventory story, no truth to the NAFTA story and on and on. We know about Palin's relationship with the truth from long experience. And there will surely be, over time, substantiation of all these charges - "silk boxer shorts"! "I'm pregnant!" - or not. Just know that while the Dish is not staffed by investigative reporters, we sure do keep an eye on what they find. But don't relent! This is not about some kind of vendetta against a human being. It is holding the McCain camp accountable for nearly foisting this farcical candidate on the entire world.

Oh, and Madam governor, love from a real stinker in unreal America.