Georgia: Seriously

A reader writes:

I live in Grant Park, a very nice, upper middle class area in the city of Atlanta. I got up to vote this morning at 630am, and walked less than an eighth of a mile to my polling place, and when I got there, there were 500 people in queue in front of me, and another 500 got in queue behind me before the polls opened at 7am. I am 29 years old (30 is 6 days!), black, and gay, and I have to say, this is turning out to be a great day.  Half of the people in line with me were my age or younger, and openly talking to their line-mates about their first time voting and how they had never been interested in politics before this. I am amazed.

I have voted in every election here since 1998, and I have never seen turnout like this, even .  I know this is anecdotal, but it is not the only polling location here in town that I have been to like this.  I work in a polling place (I'm the office manager for a local affordable housing non-profit that is based in an old school building, and the same dynamics have been playing out here all day.  Long lines and young, first-time voters, very enthusiastic to vote for Obama. 

Maybe we can take Georgia too.