A reader writes:

I'm sorry, I absolutely flat-out refuse to believe that she didn't know Africa was not a country:
  1. Grade-school kids know that Africa is a continent;
  2. She has a frickin' degree in journalism;
  3. Before she was selected as veep candidate, I understood numerous people met her (from outside Alaska) and came away impressed;
  4. She gives a decent speech, and fared reasonably well against Biden, reputed foreign-affairs expert (explain that!);
  5. There's no way she could have got as far as she did and been that misinformed.

So why has this anecdote in particular not been denied? Look: you think they keep a veep from a press conference because that's good for a campaign? You think they refuse to allow their veep to go on Meet The Press because she's too charismatic? This was the craziest decision in the history of modern American politics. In a sane world, Palin would be a plaintiff on Judge Judy - and not potentially vice-president of the United States. And Judge Judy would have been a lot better at sussing her out than the national press corps.

I think the Kristol Meth-heads still do not understand quite how deep the con was. But they will at some point.

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