Deconstructing Sarah

A reader writes:

You have a theatre background, Andrew -- you need to analyze Palinspeak the way you would David Mamet dialogue.  For example:

"Some of the goofy things like who was Trig's mom. Well, I'm Trig's mom (raises her hand) and do you want to see my medical records to prove that?"

She's not offering her medical records here.  She's quoting herself making an earlier "offer" of the records, and explaining how the sheer fact that she offered should have been construed as proof that she has those records, yet the mainstream media failed to report that it was a settled matter.

Gotcha. The trouble is that Palin confuses what is settled reality and what is settled reality insider her own head. This was once terrifying - and 46 percent of the country was prepared to have this delusional whack-job as a potential president in the next four years. It is now just weird. But there is accountability here. The McCain camp is now trying to dump Palin. But they picked her. And defended her. And we do not yet have full accountability. I won't relent till we do.

Give us the proof of Trig's maternity now!