A reader writes:

I believe the Republicans made the subject of Palin's labor with Trig fair game when Linda Lingle included it in her speech at the RNC. About five minutes in, Lingle says:

The same day she delivered that speech, Sarah went into labor with her fifth child ... made the trip back to Alaska ... and delivered her son Trig the next day. Did I mention that she is tough?"

From that point on, we are all within our rights to consider it "tough", "reckless", "stupid", "dangerous", or "preposterous". I'd go with "reckless".

Me? Preposterous, if I had to guess. But that's the choice. Here's the full background again. Palin could easily resolve all this in an instant. But won't, and pretends she has. Why is the Anchorage Daily News unable to end this speculation once and for all? Are they scared? They usually aren't. And this is not about a private person, or, even, in the end, about Palin. It's about the system and how the McCain campaign was utterly, unbelievably reckless in their vetting. We can't have accountability and closure till we know what's at issue. And only the blogosphere, it seems, is interested in finding out.

(Photo: Emmanuel Dunand/AFP/Getty.)

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