Alaska's Educational Crisis

The ADN looks at an epidemic in Alaska:

Among the grim statistics:

• Alaska's dropout rate, at 8 percent, was double the national average in the 2005-2006 school year, according to the latest figures available from the U.S. Department of Education.

• 38 percent of today's ninth-graders will have no high school diploma 10 years from now, according to the Alaska Commission on Postsecondary Education.

• Alaska ranks 50th, or last, in the number of ninth-graders who will likely have a bachelor's degree in 10 years, according to the commission.

Just as well they have a role-model governor who is dedicated to the education of her own children - oh wait: Her eldest son has a history of vandalism and was given a GED on the way to Iraq; her oldest daughter was removed from high school for a mysterious length of time last year and is now about to have a baby (due December 18, Palin told us); her youngest daughter, Piper, missed school all fall because she was being carted around the country in Neiman Marcus underwear. And the governor herself, of course, couldn't manage to stay in one college, graduated with a degree in sports journalism, cut her own town's library funds and leveraged the town's budget on a new sports stadium (with new house thrown in!).

Seriously: this woman is the future of Republicanism?