"My Wife Made Me Canvas For Obama"

And this white middle-aged banker who voted for Bush discovered what's actually happening:

Instead of walking the tree-lined streets near our home, my wife and I were instructed to canvass a housing project. A middle-aged white couple with clipboards could not look more out of place in this predominantly black neighborhood. We knocked on doors and voices from behind carefully locked doors shouted, "Who is it?" "We're from the Obama campaign," we'd answer.

And just like that doors opened and folks with wide smiles came out on the porch to talk.

    Grandmothers kept one hand on their grandchildren and made sure they had all the information they needed for their son or          daughter to vote for the first time.                     Young people came to the door rubbing sleep from their eyes to find out where they could vote early, to make sure their vote          got counted.                     We knocked on every door we could find and checked off every name on our list. We did our job, but Obama may not have been          the one who got the most out of the day's work.

Read the whole thing. It gave me goose-bumps.