Just when I thought that NR couldn't sink any lower, they print this:

Seeing the Palin family, in a very visible public forum, with an uncompromising and public pro life philosophy arouses deeply repressed feelings in post abortive parents, as well as media members, counselors, health care professionals, politicians and others who promote abortion rights, especially the abortion of children with challenges such as Down Syndrome. These powerful repressed feelings of grief, guilt and shame can be deflected from the source of the wound (i.e., abortion) and projected onto an often uncharitable focus upon the trigger of these painful emotions ... the Palin family.

Can I just say that I have always been extremely supportive of anyone who decides not to abort a child, especially those with special needs. That's been my position for my entire life. The reason for opposition to Palin is that she is utterly unqualified, her record is flimsy at best and her incessant, bizarre lies suggest she is unable to deal with reality.

As for the rest of the Palin family, the tabloid stuff about her son and her marriage has been widely ignored. The strange twists and turns of her last pregnancy - as explained in public - simply defy credulity. It isn't an attack to ask her to account for such a bizarre story. It's called democracy and accountability.

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