Suderman has a theory as to why Palin didn't name a specific publication she reads when pressed:

My guess is that the newspapers that she usually reads are the obvious ones The New York Times, The Washington Post – and she was worried about either 1) implying some endorsement of these papers (or any, really) or 2) shocking some of her more sensitive conservative base with the fact that gasp! she gets her news from the liberal media!

The campaign’s been waging a war on the press as of late; maybe there’s an internal directive not to mention any of these outlets.

If true, this doesn’t make her answer any more excusable. Mostly, it makes it weirder and, as far as I’m concerned, rather more depressing. Has the populist right really cowed its top candidates into a position in which they can’t admit to reading any mainstream news source?

Yes. If you read even the saner blogs on the right, like Instapundit, you find a belief that almost everything in the mainstream media is a lie. Conceding you read the NYT or watch SNL with the sound on is like confessing to a sin. You cannot let yourself be exposed to error.

My own view is that she probably reads only the Alaska media - and mainly catches everything on TV or listens to the radio. Remember: she had no idea what the surge was at the time, except by hearing about it "on the news."

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