Eve Fairbanks doesn't believe Obama will be overrun by a Democratic congress:

You hear this all the time from conservatives: Obama might be okay, maybe, but once in the Oval Office he'll be as effective as a well-intentioned insect in stopping the stampeding behemoth that is the Liberal Congress. But, my friends, it's just not true. Do not expect the Congress sworn in next January to be a left-wing monolith bent on replacing those moribund North Carolina textile plants with leather shops and gun-to-plowshare factories.

Yes, the Democrats are poised to expand their House majority -- but by electing conservative Democrats who, in some cases, have ideologically more in common with John McCain than with Nancy Pelosi. These conservative Democrats -- many of whose districts will vote McCain -- won't feel that they owe Obama, will be well-organized as a faction under the "Blue Dog" banner, and, if their actions in the 110th are any indicator, won't shirk from bucking their party's leadership.

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