You can see where this is headed:

Next Sunday, McCain and Palin could divide up the talk shows. Sarah Palin live! Lots of people would tune in.

Kristol is preparing the way to argue that Palin is actually a genius, great on her feet, honest and transparent - and was destroyed by the McCain people. As he always does, because he cannot actually concede error, he is doubling down. He even wants her to have her own moment on prime time television to address the nation:

Palin could speak first, reprising her fine recent speeches on women’s issues and special needs kids speeches that got almost no press coverage. She could then introduce her running mate, reminding people of his heroism, and pointing out, as she does on the stump, that he is the only candidate “who has truly fought for America.”

Palin is Kristol's creature; and they now go down or rise together. 

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