The Coates-Robb report is out. I haven't read it yet but you may want to download it here. Michael Rubin summarizes his take here. Money quote from the p.r.:

The Task Force believes the current U.S. policy is failing and it presents a new realistic, robust, and comprehensive approach “incorporating new diplomatic, economic and military tools in an integrated fashion” that can deter Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons-capability.  The Task Force recommends the incoming U.S. President simultaneously build diplomatic, economic and military leverage with the Iranians from the first day of his new Administration in order to negotiate from strength and to be prepared for all contingencies.

It advises the new President to engage Iran in negotiations with a pre-determined timetable once our European allies impose greater economic sanctions.  If negotiations fail, the report advises the U.S. to pursue more aggressive tactics, including possibly blockading Iran’s gasoline imports and eventually its crude oil imports.

The gasoline import blockade is something Obama mentioned in the second debate. Worth exploring. My core belief is that the Iranian people are on our side. The key is to somehow leverage them against their repulsive regime. It's going to be very hard and very treacherous. But it's the biggest national security challenge facing the next president.

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