It's one of McCain's last, and easily his best, in my opinion. Ken Silverstein gets an email from Burke Wood, who makes ads for the GOP:

McCain’s last hope is that his divided government argument sticks in people’s minds and that swing voters get buyers remorsesince Obama has already won in a lot of people’s minds. That may be why McCain is closing in some polls. The moderate Republicans I talk to liked McCain 8 years ago, but not anymore and they can’t stand Palin.

Silverstein also talked to Tom Edmonds, a GOP media consultant, who doesn't think the youth vote will show:

The other big thing is the youth vote. There’s been a lot of hype about it, but it’s not going to materialize on Election Day. Roughly 33 million people voted in the 2004 primaries, and 58 million people voted in this year’s primaries. The youth vote was up, but not nearly as much as voting by middle-aged people and old fogies. The polls are capturing the enthusiasm for Obama, but college students are not going to turn out.

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