A reader writes:

A staggering endorsement?  Staggering does not begin to describe it. College Station is home to Texas A&M University, with possibly the most conservative student body outside of Utah or Bob Jones University. I went there and am quite proud to have my degrees from there, but the idea of a paper from that area picking any democrat over a decorated war vet is much more than staggering.  I'm looking for plagues of locusts, raining frogs, dogs and cats living together, and mass hysteria.

Another shocked Texan reader writes:

For your edification and that of your readers, College Station is the home to Texas A&M, founded as an agricultural college and still reveling in its ag tradition.

Its student body population is 95 percent white and more than that conservative.  We in the rest of Texas refer to College Station as "Berlin on the Brazos."  A&M is still home of the corps of cadets, an ROTC program on steroids that still sends young men and women into the active armed services with commissions.

On top of all of that, A&M's student body is among the most racist groups I have ever encountered.  University of Houston athletes are still called Cougroes and Cougar High because UH was the first major school in the south to integrate.

For the Eagle to endorse Obama is just shocking, far more so than the Houston Chronicle, Dallas Morning News (if they do) or Chicago Tribune. This is Palin's country here.

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