A reader writes:

I'm a straight man but I've done more campaigning with my straight friends than I have with my gay friends on this issue. Even around my office in San Francisco, the most vocal and active supporters of NO on 8 are straight. Several of our gay co-workers seem resigned to defeat, and that includes a gay co-worker who just got married to her girlfriend. It's pretty troubling, honestly.

On the other hand:

I am a 48 y/o gay man (soon to be 49 on the 25th) in San Diego, and I'm not very politically active, and every gay friend I have is doing something to help the No on 8 Campaign. Hell, I am spending my entire birthday weekend having parties to raise money instead of gifts, and at one of those parties we will spend the evening on about 50 cell phones. So chill ... your gay brothers and sisters on the Left Coast, who like you in spite of your pathological conservatism, have got it handled <g>.

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